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Betonrossi and Sustainability

For Betonrossi, a form of economic development that is compatible with safeguarding the environment and free assets for future generations is essential, and this is what powers the sustainable economy.


Betonrossi is carrying out a number of projects, in particular those related to reducing the consumption of water by concrete batching plants: the company uses reclaimed water for concrete production, with monitoring by internal and external laboratories.

The company is participating in innovative water purification projects that adopt new filtering systems; these are combined with automated systems for monitoring consumption and all other uses in order to maximise the reduction of wastage.

In 2020 Betonrossi estimated that 50% of process water was reused, in 2021 a reuse of 52% and a recovery of 55% is set for the year 2022/2023.

Integrated Corporate Policy

Betonrossi has decided to operate an Integrated Environment and Safety Management System (IMS).

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Social sustainability

Policy of local community engagement and social investment

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