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Betonrossi Multibeton

Multibeton Guaranteed Performance Concretes

In accordance with UNI EN 206/1

Durable concrete with guaranteed performance for structural applications. Betonrossi’s Multibeton® Performance concretes comply with the provisions of UNI EN 206, UNI 11104 and the current “Technical Standards for Construction” of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Their characteristics can be varied across a wide range depending on the mechanical strength required, the environment and the complexity of the processing or the pouring.

Multibeton X0

No corrosion or attack

Multibeton XC

Corrosion of reinforcement induced by concrete carbonation

Multibeton XD

Corrosion of reinforcement induced by not marine chlorides

Multibeton XA

Chemical attack

Multibeton XF

Freeze-thaw attack