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The vanguard of ready-mixed concrete

We are present in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige with more than 40 concrete batching plants.

Professionalism, service, quality, reliability and support have made us a leading player in the ready-mixed concrete sector.

We offer standard, special and mixed concretes for specific uses and applications that satisfy the requirements of small and large clients, construction companies and professionals in the sector.

We have always invested in sustainability, pursuing this vision and offering eco-sustainable products through continuous research and development of innovative solutions.

Our technicians and our sales network work closely with customers and designers to identify their needs and convert them into high quality products and services.

The continuous updating and improvement of our production technologies and research enables us to offer the market top quality concretes.

All plants employ automated production process and logistics control systems; several plants are equipped with pre-mixers.

Our products

Impianto di betonaggio per la produzione di calcestruzzo preconfezionato


Posa manuale di calcestruzzo drenante Darinbeton con elecottero con disco speciale

Our projects

Impianto di betonaggio Betonrossi a Piacenza

Our plants

Our values

Betonrossi has always given the highest priority to environmental issues and the impact of production activities on the habitat and the land.

This is why the concept of sustainable production has become one of the values in which we believe most. The company has always used clean technologies and production methods.

Over the years, major investments have been made to build modern, technologically advanced plants that meet the technical, economic and logistical needs of the market, with the strictest respect for environmental impact and safety.

The continuous research and technical innovation of our products, combined with the importance we attach to our customers, have enabled us to achieve a position of excellence within the sector.



One of our company’s main objectives in the coming years is to reduce emissions. For this reason, in addition to the continuous study of new concretes, Betonrossi also pays attention to the transport sector, using vehicles that considerably reduce the emission of CO into the atmosphere and hence, their environmental impact. Most of the vehicles we use are Euro 6 compliant.


Our vision is to create sustainable products, while ensuring high quality standards. One of the leading products developed by Betonrossi Research and Development is DRAINBETON, an eco-sustainable self-draining concrete that has been registered and patented.

Code of Ethics

Betonrossi has adopted a Code of Ethics, which sets out rules and principles of conduct that reflect the company’s commitmentto managing areas of risk, providing guidelines for staff to help them recognise and address different issues, and helping to maintain a culture of integrity, honesty and responsibility within the company. Betonrossi undertakes to update the contents of the Code of Ethics when there is a change in the context of the reference environmental regulations or in company organisation.

Codice Etico Betonrossi


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ISO 9001

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CSC (Concrete Sustainability Council)

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ISO 14001 - ISO 45001

Neighbourhood relations

Policy of local community engagement and social investment

This Policy outlines Betonrossi’s clear commitment to local community engagement and social investment. As a company operating in the building materials sector, we are aware of the special responsibility we have towards our neighbours, which is why we are committed to keeping the communities in which we operate informed about our activities both inside and around our production facilities.