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Betonrossi manufactures concretes using an industrialised process complying with a company quality management system certified in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

The operating cycle of all mixing plants is subjected to Factory Production Control (FPC) certified by a third party authorised by the Central Technical Service of the Italian Public Works Governing Body, as provided for by the Ministerial Decree of 14th January 2008.

The Betonrossi technical service provides on-site qualified personnel to ensure that the preparation and curing of the concrete test cubes required for the acceptance test are carried out in accordance with the requirements of standards UNI EN 12390-1:2012 and UNI EN 12390-2:2009.

In accordance with the Technical Construction Standards (Ministerial Decree D.M. 14/01/08), the designer must first evaluate the environmental conditions at the construction site, and then prescribe the best possible concrete able to guarantee the durability of the structure throughout its designed Service Life; in other words, the number of years during which the structure can be used for the purpose for which it was designed when subjected to normal maintenance.

The designer must, therefore, define the characteristics of the concrete to use, i.e. its composition and mechanical strength, the amount of cover to the steel (UNI EN 1992-1-1) and the pouring and curing requirements. To this end, the designer can refer to the instructions provided by the Guidelines for structural concrete, published by the Central Technical Service of the Italian Public Works Governing Body, and standard UNI 11104 in its application of European standard UNI EN 206-1:2014.

The concrete must then be ordered specifying, as a minimum, the compressive strength class, exposure class, maximum aggregate size and consistency class.

For Betonrossi, success is the result of ideas developed through intuition, experience, research and technology.

Great ideas for the construction world and even greater resources. The resources and forces behind a leader producing guaranteed performance concrete that is strong, durable, safe and highly workable.