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Innovative, high-quality ready-mixed concretes

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High-quality ready-mixed concretes

Betonrossi is one of the country’s leading suppliers of ready-mixed concrete.
Betonrossi is an Italian company and carries out its activities primarily in four regions, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, production requirements being met by over forty plants. The strong and ongoing synergies with Cementirossi enable Betonrossi to offer the market innovative solutions that meet the demands of the sector (clients, companies, designers…) for traditional concretes and those for “special” applications, Experience, research, innovation, care for the environment, all make us a reference point in the sector thanks to the continuous improvement of our production technologies and research that enable us to offer the market innovative and sustainable products of excellence.
Betonrossi products

Our wide range of products

A feature of our concretes is their highly competitive parameters, both for large works (large construction sites) and for small pourings. Professional expertise, pre and post-sales technical support and rapid response are some of our key selling points us and enable us to satisfy our customers.

Betonrossi concretes


Durable concrete with guaranteed performance for structural applications. Betonrossi’s Multibeton® Performance concretes comply with the provisions of UNI EN 206:2016, UNI 11104 and the current “Technical Standards for Construction” of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Their characteristics can be varied across a wide range depending on the mechanical strength required, the environment and the complexity of the processing or the pouring.

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Betonrossi concretes

Multibeton SCC

Multibeton SCC is Betonrossi’s self-compacting concrete, a feature of which is its high flow rate during pouring. This makes it possible to fill complex formworks containing a high density of reinforcement, even when the pouring is at a distance from the discharge point.

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Betonrossi concretes

Special concretes

Over the years Betonrossi has focused on diversifying its product range, in order to be able to offer a more complete and comprehensive response to the specific needs of the market and of its customers, supporting them every day in researching and identifying the most suitable solutions.

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Betonrossi Concretes


Betonpav is a concrete specifically for indoor and outdoor paving, in infrastructural, industrial, residential and service sector settings, that have to withstand static and dynamic loads. A feature of Betonpav is that it has faster setting times than ordinary concretes. It is easier to spread and compact, hence making it easier to lay.

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Drainbeton® is the only self-draining concrete covered by an industrial patent.

Drainbeton® is the concrete for self-draining floors. Its performance and aesthetic characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of applications, car parks, cycle paths, roads and avenues, paths for sports facilities, golf courses and pedestrian areas, and in all situations where there is a need for a product with very high drainage capability, one able effectively to regulate the flow of rainwater.

Drainbeton® can be supplied in a natural cement grey colour, or it can be pigmented in different colour shades.

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Betonrossi will attend GIC - ITALIAN CONCRETE DAYS 2018 at stand B34/C29 in Hall 1 from 8th al 10th November in Piacenza (Italy). GIC is the only Italian event dedicated to the machinery, equipment, products and technologies of the concrete industry, the...