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Specific concrete for internal and external flooring

Betonpav is a concrete specifically for indoor and outdoor paving, in infrastructural, industrial, residential and service sector settings, that have to withstand static and dynamic loads.

A feature of Betonpav is that it has faster setting times than ordinary concretes. It is easier to spread and compact, hence making it easier to lay.

Betonpav is available in different classes of exposure and categories of consistency, thus offering the possibility of creating a floor that is durable under all conditions of use.

Betonpav can be ready-mixed with special additives to minimise shrinkage. This, together with the timely and correct insertion of contraction joints, makes it possible to create industrial floors without unsightly and damaging cracks.



For high-workability paving

Betonpav expan

For shrinkage compensating paving

Betonpav zero joint

For shrinkage compensating paving