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ISO 9001

Betonrossi has chosen to operate in accord with the company’s Quality Management System, which complies with UNI EN ISO 9001, as attested by certificate No 97133 – UNI EN ISO 9001 issued by ICMQ. This calls for the establishing of two clear objectives in the whole production process: optimisation and quality.

This is an important guarantee for the customer, who can thus rely with complete peace of mind on a large company that carries out systematic checks on the entire production cycle, from the incoming raw materials, to the plants and the machinery used to the concrete delivered.

This is an important milestone that well describes the philosophy of the entire group. It should also be emphasised, that this is merely official recognition of procedures and methodologies that have always been at the heart of company policy.

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CSC (Concrete Sustainability Council)

CSC, Concrete Sustainability Council, a global certification to support the sustainable development of the construction industry.

The objective of the CSC scheme is to certify the level of sustainability of the concrete product by declaring its economic, social and environmental impacts through responsible management of the company organisation.

CSC encompasses many of the features found in other certifications, expressing the overall vision of the producing company, and assessing its organisation, procedures and internal control systems, and the entire supply chain.

The concrete batching plant in Piacenza has obtained CSC Certification, demonstrating Betonrossi’s commitment to embracing and guaranteeing the environmental, economic and social sustainability of its products.

The Piacenza batching plant is CSC certified with No 634-CSC21-2021

UKAS 14001 ISO 45001

UKAS ISO 14001; ISO 45001

Betonrossi has achieved ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification, both issued by LRQA.

LRQA is a leading certification body in risk management; it operates in more than 120 countries and is acknowledged by more than 30 accreditation bodies worldwide.

ISO 14001 certifies the implementation of the environmental management system (EMS), meeting the requirements of customers and stakeholders, defining objectives for continuous improvement in the management and control of environmental aspects.

ISO 45001 enables Betonrossi to implement responsible risk control by increasing awareness of health and safety levels in the workplace, promoting responsible behaviour and creating an environment that positively affects management and productivity.