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Drainage concrete floors with Betonrossi Drainbeton

Betonrossi, a company at the top in the production of concrete, is an important industrial reality that joins the parent company Cementirossi, one of the leading companies in the production of cement at national level. A company at the forefront of the sector for quality and technologies, which has radically changed the face of the concrete market and which today boasts an annual production of approximately 1.3 million cubic meters of concrete, realeDrainBeton® is the only drainage concrete for applications road patented in Italy. Thanks to a matrix with a high percentage of interconnected voids, it drains up to 40 l / m2 of water every second, without compromising its compressive strength values, which reach values of 25 MPa at 28 days.


– High draining power;

– Easy and quick installation;

– Does not require the execution of joints and reinforcements;

– Resistance to loads;

– High environmental compatibility;

– Resists over time and does not require maintenance;

– Resistance to hydrocarbons and fire;

– Low thermal absorption and rapid heat dissipation;

– Available in natural or pigmented color;


– flooring for parking lots;

– rest areas and pedestrian squares;

– cycle paths;

– road paving;

– paths for sports facilities and golf courses;

– secondary roads.