Betonrossi Plants

San Benedetto Po Plant

Via Gualanta
Phone: 0376.615395

Betonrossi Impianto
From a technical point of view, the facility is in fact a twin batching and mixing plant for the production and supply of ready-mixed concrete to a premix loading point; equipped with 2 aggregate receiving hoppers at ground level, a vertical bucket elevator and aggregate storage hoppers divided into 6 compartments.

The plant is also equipped with an MSO 4500 twin-horizontal shaft mixer and CE type-approved weighing systems. The facility is designed for a production of 75-80 cu.m/hour of ready-mixed concrete with an applied mix time of 30 seconds. Finally, the quality control for the entire production system is continuous and provided by a control program with automation through network linked PCs.

The extremely sophisticated software has a memory capable of storing all the different formulae required for the production, each with its own code. The selected formula is managed in terms of the quantities of the single ingredients, the mixing and discharge time, as well as the loading sequence for the mix.

The system is also equipped with a water treatment and recycling plant. The water from the production process is recycled after being treated in a Betonwash closed circuit system that prevents any contact with groundwater. Rainwater is instead treated in the appropriate tank.